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8 key Termites that Eat Away at Your Relationship

I live this quote," Relationship is like a house , when light bulb burns out you do not go buy a new house, You Fix the Light Bulb." with that said what are the 8 termites that will have a couple leaving each other and going to start a new one. Here they are:

1. Disrespecting each other.

2. Unhealthy Communication.

3. No Emotional Connection.

4.Spending quality Time on the Phone and the Internet, instead of each other.

5.Putting Your Relationship Last.

6. Lack of Trust.

7. Not Meeting Each Other Needs.

8. Not Putting God First in Your Life and the Relationship; this should have been at the very top of my list.

Remember your relationship is like a garden. it's beautiful when its watered with love, care, forgiveness, tender love and compassion. But it dries up when it's left untouched or cared for.


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