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3 Reasons to Start Soaring Like an Eagle and Stop Hanging with the Chickens

One day Sam, the eagle, began to wonder who he was. He began to realize he was not like the other chickens. Even though the other chickens didn’t make him feel out of place, he still didn’t feel “at home.”One day, he was flapping his wings, and one of the other chickens said, “Hey Sam, what are you doing, you do know us chickens do not fly.” He heard that but began to question, “Well, if I am not meant to fly, why do I have a desire to spread my wings and fly.

He could not put his finger on it, but he knew that something was different.One day, Sam and the other chickens were playing in the chicken yard. Sam heard a truck stop. It was the mailman. He looked up and to his amazement, there was the picture of a bird that looked like him. His eyes got big and he went inside the hen house and yelled for his mama. “Mama, mama where did I come from?” “We’ve had this talk little Sam. You know where babies come from.” Sam replied, “I know that, but where did I come from.

You know I don’t look like you or my brothers or sisters. There is something wrong with me. I am not in the right place, am I?”His mama took it as long as she could. “Sam, sit down. One morning, I woke up and I went outside the hen house and there you were. No note… nothing. You were the cutest little “chicken” I had ever seen. I knew you were not a chicken but I wasn’t going to love you any less. Baby, you are an eagle. It is time for you to fly and leave the chicken coop. I knew this day would come. The day you wanted to spread your wings and fly.” ◊♦◊

This simple story illustrates the point that if you are an eagle, you will get to a point that you refuse to remain in the chicken coop. Eagles have no business in a chicken coop.

There are three main reasons Eagles should not hang out with Chickens.

1. – Spiritual Malnutrition

The diet of an eagle is 70% to 80% fish. Chickens eat chicken feed. An eagle will not last long on the diet of a chicken. Hence, if you are hanging around people that are not on your level, you will eventually die of malnutrition. You will not receive the proper spiritual nourishment and your spirit will eventually die.

2.- You are Designed to be Limitless

The chicken coop is too restrictive. The wing span of an American eagle is about six and a half feet. An eagle will be dramatically confined by the limited space inside a chicken coop. The size of the chicken coop is determined by the number of chickens. You are designed to be all you can. When you are not operating as who you are called to be, your status quo has defined your limits. You are designed to be limitless and not to be limited. If you are not living on purpose (i.e. being the eagle God has called you to be), you are limiting your growth and expansion.

3. – You Have a Bigger Purpose

The chickens (even though they have good wings with blue cheese dressing), will never challenge the eagle to fly. The chicken is content clucking around in the chicken coop. But one day, the eagle will feel a burning desire to spread his wings and fly.

The morale of this story is to realize you have a purpose. Your purpose is bigger than you have realized. What you do know is there is more to you than what you have demonstrated but you have been restricted by your status quo. My challenge to you today is to figure out what your purpose is. You are an eagle trapped in a chicken coop. It is time to spread your wings and soar in the heavens above.

Here are some clues you need to scratch your way out of the chicken coop.

• Have you felt confined lately?

• Have you felt there is more to life than what you have experienced?

• Do you go to bed unfulfilled?

• Do you wake up knowing that you are not fulfilling a greater purpose?

• Do you go about your day aimlessly completing tasks but not living on purpose?

How do you realize your purpose?

What is that thing that swells up in your spirit and is easy for you to do without even thinking about it?

• What is it that if you did not get paid one dime, you would still do it?

You were born with an assignment; a purpose. You will not be totally happy until you are living to fulfill that assignment. You should be spending your time doing the thing that makes you happy.

Are you going to fly like an eagle? Or, will you remain in the chicken coop? The choice is yours.


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