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The Key Ingredients to a Happy Family Life

I believe a happy family is like branches on a tree, they all grow in different directions yet their roots remain as one. With that said I would say the first ingredient for a happy family life is to put God first, right in the center of your family. There is a saying that says, ' The family that prays together stays together; I practice this in my home and the results are evident. The second ingredient is spending quality time with each other; without the phone, and computers, just some good old card games, watching a good movie and clowning around will bring happiness in the home and to the children.

The third ingredient is staying true with yourself and each other; I call it' walking in your truth.' Nothing breaks up a family and bring mistrust than lies and deceit. The fourth ingredient would be communication; being able to communicate in a healthy manner is so vital in having a happy family life. Also being allowed to speak your truth with no judgement is crucial to the happiness of the family. The fifth ingredient I would say is to listen to each other; so many family tune each other out, listen to what they want to hear and not give each other the respect and just 'listen.'

The Sixth ingredient I believe is to show each other love the way each person wants to be loved; not how you want to be loved. Most parents love their children the way their parents showed them love, the way they want to be loved and they love each child sometimes the same way. But if each individual would take the time to learn, accept and appreciate how each person wants to be loved I assure you your family life will be happier. To wrap it all up I will end with this, life is short so break the rules and forgive quickly, love hard; say I love yo every moment you get, kiss each other everyday, laugh with no apology, cherish every moment with each other and never forget why you started. Remember your family is the greatest wealth you will ever possess.



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